Friday, June 01, 2007


Want a Gmail account, just go straight to, no more need invitation

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hidden Emoticons

Want more emoticons when chat using YM, Yahoo has hidden emoticons, open this link - English Indonesian Dictionary

Use if you want English - Indonesian Dictionary...

Yahoo! Currency Converter

Yahoo! Currency Converter, use it to convert your currency...

Singapore, wanna go there again

Singapore, wanna go there again... some day...

Ski Dubai

Ski in Dubai, why not...

MU Base

I love this place a lot... MU base, UK

Others way to connect with your YM Coleagues

If you love a lot Yahoo! messenger, but can't install the software or blocked by your IT, there are many way to get online,
web based, visit Meebo or Yahoo! Web Messenger
mobile, use mig33, Google Earth Lite Edition

Love Google Earth but can't install that software, visit wikimapia, web based map.

Sony Ericsson Gadget Wallpaper, Theme, Sound for free

Please visit for free wallpaper, theme and sound for your SE gadget. Not only for W800i (this is mine :-p ).

31 May 07, First Post

Hmm,,, starting now, I wanna share everything that I know by using this blog, thanks to blogger and google...